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In 1968, a young Brad Fuller decided to leave his small Connecticut town to explore what was quickly emerging as one of the most desirable places to live in the United States - Southern California. Manhattan Beach, to be precise.  As a young manufacturing designer, Brad thrived in the youthful and idealistic environment which characterized sunny Los Angeles County. From Tommy's Burger joint in downtown LA to beach volleyball on the shores of the famous South Bay, Brad had found his home.  But something was missing...

Although he was an integral cog in a new electronics company with recognizable potential, Brad decided to follow his heart.  Since he had been in the South Bay, he had not been able to find a good sandwich. Nothing that even came close to what he had proudly lived on for many of his 24 years past.  So he made a decision; one that would change his life.  He bid farewell to the warm and familiar beaches of Southern California and drove all the way back across country to pursue his dream.

In 1969, Brad moved back to Hartford, Connecticut to learn a trade - the trade of making the perfect deli     grinder. For six months he studied and learned the business from a mentor in his hometown.  While many people may think of a sandwich as two pieces of bread, some meat, cheese, and an occasional veggie or two, Brad knew it was actually an art form - and he treated the process as such.  Only the finest deli meats and cheeses, the freshest vegetables and herbs, always 100% extra virgin olive oil, and of course, the perfect roll, were to be used when constructing one of these grinders.  And oh yes, let's not forget the "secret" ingredient.

As promised, Brad returned to Southern California six months later.  But instead of a drafting table, some paper and pencils, this time he was equipped with a business partner, a business plan, and a new craft.  Not long thereafter, the first Original Giant Grinder was born.

East Coast Flavor on The West Coast! Today, the Giant Grinder Deli maintains the same high standards that have always been the foundation of the dream. The freshest local ingredients are used; local whenever possible.  And the business is still truly "family owned and operated."  Brad's son Eric runs their popular Long Beach store of 25 years, while Brad and his wife Sherri, proudly operate their newest location in San Luis Obispo.  You might even see their daughter Jamie and her beau, Jay, behind the counter now and then. The Giant Grinder (or the "G-shop" as the family has come to call it) has found a home here on the Central Coast, and welcomes the community in for a bite!

...instead of a drafting table, some paper and pencils, this time he was equipped with a business partner, a business plan, and a new craft. Not long thereafter, the first Original Giant Grinder Deli was born


The Broad Street Giant Grinder is rated 4.9/5 from 52 customers!

The Broad Street Giant Grinder's profile photo
The Broad Street Giant Grinder
Look what @terese13 drew during her time at our deli while enjoying one of our sandwiches!! So awesome! ☺️

Dec 16, 2016
Ryan J.'s profile photo
Ryan J.
San Luis Obispo, CA

SLO has a lot of delis but this one is my favorite. I love the east coast style and I'm not sure which sandwich is my favorite. I order depending on my mood but I can say that the meatball/sausage is fantastic if you're looking for a meaty hot ...

Dec 11, 2016
Steven C.'s profile photo
Steven C.
Bakersfield, CA

We were visiting from Bakersfield and found this simple sandwich shop.  We got the 1/2 meatball 1/2 sausage as well as turkey gobbler.  We ordered a full size to take the other half home and ended up taking 2 wholes home because their 1/2 is HUGE.  I love people who keep their passion simple ...

Dec 5, 2016
M Rewards Member
San Luis Obispo, CA

Awesome service!

Nov 20, 2016
bob Rewards Member

excellent sandwich and service with a smile!

Nov 19, 2016
Amber N.'s profile photo
Amber N.
Grover Beach, CA

I received a free 9" Grinder Sandwich for being a new patient with my dentist office, so figured I would try this place out. The staff was friendly, loved the atmosphere of the sandwich shop, and enjoyed my sandwich. Very generous in size and fixings. I had the Norcal sandwich, which ...

Nov 18, 2016
Jason H.'s profile photo
Jason H.
San Luis Obispo, CA

I usually get the Prosciutto, and have only bought that sandwich for years. It is a great sandwich, but thought I would try the East Coast sandwich based off of some very favorable reviews.  Yesterday I picked it up on the way to work and had it for dinner. Really ...

Nov 6, 2016
Brian Rewards Member
Fremont, CA

Fantastic experience with every Bite. I can't say enough about the freshness, overall quality and service.

Oct 18, 2016
Marcia Rewards Member

Awesome sandwich shop! I always have the BBQ chicken sandwich cause it's so good I have s hard time ordering anything else.

Oct 17, 2016
Clare k Rewards Member

Lovely shop, family, and food. Thank you Brad! Always a treat...

Oct 11, 2016
Gillian Rewards Member
San Luis Obispo, CA

Always great sandwiches and service!

Oct 11, 2016
Ryan T.'s profile photo
Ryan T.

This place has some of my favorite sandwiches in SLO.  I am not a fan of the cold sandwiches, but I really love the hot sandwiches that are served here (turkey pesto is my all time favorite here).The main thing i don't like about the sandwiches are the sizes.  ...

Oct 6, 2016
Sarah Rewards Member
Pismo Beach, CA

Love this place!! Best sandwiches in town!

Oct 5, 2016
Stacey R.'s profile photo
Stacey R.

Love it. The staff was SUPER friendly, the sandwiches are large and flavorful, they have some great outdoor seating, and the service was pretty fast. The only reasons they don't get 5 stars is they don't have BLTs (the only sandwich my husband can eat) and they wouldn't unlock the chairs ...

Oct 2, 2016
Jeff Rewards Member
San Luis Obispo, CA

Miles better than subs I've had back in Jersey and New York! Get the spicy cherry peppers on your sub!

Sep 25, 2016

Fan Favorites

Hot Roast Beef Grinder Sandwich

Hot Roast Beef Grinder Sandwich

With pepper, tomato, and provolone.

$9.50 | $16.50

Half Meatball, Half Sausage Grinder Sandwich

Half Meatball, Half Sausage Grinder Sandwich

rated 4.5/5 from 52 customers!

With peppers and cheese.

$9.50 | $16.50

East Coast Grinder Sandwich Combo

East Coast Grinder Sandwich Combo

With mortadella, Italian salami, and capicolla, includes lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, provolone cheese, oregano, salt and pepper, and 100% olive oil.

$9.50 | $16.50

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