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In 1968, a young Brad Fuller decided to leave his small Connecticut town to explore what was quickly emerging as one of the most desirable places to live in the United States - Southern California. Manhattan Beach, to be precise.  As a young manufacturing designer, Brad thrived in the youthful and idealistic environment which characterized sunny Los Angeles County. From Tommy's Burger joint in downtown LA to beach volleyball on the shores of the famous South Bay, Brad had found his home.  But something was missing...

Although he was an integral cog in a new electronics company with recognizable potential, Brad decided to follow his heart.  Since he had been in the South Bay, he had not been able to find a good sandwich. Nothing that even came close to what he had proudly lived on for many of his 24 years past.  So he made a decision; one that would change his life.  He bid farewell to the warm and familiar beaches of Southern California and drove all the way back across country to pursue his dream.

In 1969, Brad moved back to Hartford, Connecticut to learn a trade - the trade of making the perfect deli     grinder. For six months he studied and learned the business from a mentor in his hometown.  While many people may think of a sandwich as two pieces of bread, some meat, cheese, and an occasional veggie or two, Brad knew it was actually an art form - and he treated the process as such.  Only the finest deli meats and cheeses, the freshest vegetables and herbs, always 100% extra virgin olive oil, and of course, the perfect roll, were to be used when constructing one of these grinders.  And oh yes, let's not forget the "secret" ingredient.

As promised, Brad returned to Southern California six months later.  But instead of a drafting table, some paper and pencils, this time he was equipped with a business partner, a business plan, and a new craft.  Not long thereafter, the first Original Giant Grinder was born.

East Coast Flavor on The West Coast! Today, the Giant Grinder Deli maintains the same high standards that have always been the foundation of the dream. The freshest local ingredients are used; local whenever possible.  And the business is still truly "family owned and operated."  Brad's son Eric runs their popular Long Beach store of 25 years, while Brad and his wife Sherri, proudly operate their newest location in San Luis Obispo.  You might even see their daughter Jamie and her beau, Jay, behind the counter now and then. The Giant Grinder (or the "G-shop" as the family has come to call it) has found a home here on the Central Coast, and welcomes the community in for a bite!

...instead of a drafting table, some paper and pencils, this time he was equipped with a business partner, a business plan, and a new craft. Not long thereafter, the first Original Giant Grinder Deli was born

Fan Favorites

Hot Roast Beef Grinder Sandwich

Hot Roast Beef Grinder Sandwich

With pepper, tomato, and provolone.

$9.50 | $16.50

Half Meatball, Half Sausage Grinder Sandwich

Half Meatball, Half Sausage Grinder Sandwich

rated 4.5/5 from 52 customers!

With peppers and cheese.

$9.50 | $16.50

East Coast Grinder Sandwich Combo

East Coast Grinder Sandwich Combo

With mortadella, Italian salami, and capicolla, includes lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, provolone cheese, oregano, salt and pepper, and 100% olive oil.

$9.50 | $16.50

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The Broad Street Giant Grinder is rated 4.4/5 from 52 customers!

Brennan R.'s profile photo
Brennan R.

Quaint little place on Broad Street that the college scene at Cal Poly SLO has failed to recognize exists (which is an awesome thing). Lines are never bad from what I've seen. Nicest and friendliest staff that has served me a sandwich in SLO. The woman at the register ...

Jul 30, 2015

's profile photo

The East Coast Grinder is awesome and so is the half meatball/half sausage. I find myself going here all the time for lunch. They do not skimp on size or quality. I usually eat half the sandwich for lunch and the other half for dinner, though I admit sometimes ...

Jul 18, 2015
Jessica C.'s profile photo
Jessica C.

Absolutely love this little place! About one minute out of town. But well worth it. From the moment we walked in the owner greeted us and I felt like I was in my father's kitchen. He lovingly described all of the sandwiches offered as my mouth watered. We went ...

Jul 14, 2015
Rachel B.'s profile photo
Rachel B.

By far the best sandwich place in SLO. Incredible prices, the quality of food is amazing and the staff is so friendly and kind. I don't bother going to any other sandwich place in SLO. Keep up the great work!

Jun 25, 2015

Sharon G
's profile photo
Sharon G

We live in San Luis but in a different part of town so it took us a long time to find this gem. When we went in to try it out we were greeted so cheerfully by the guy behind the counter that we HAD to hear his description of ...

Jun 2, 2015

's profile photo

Well, they call them grinders only because the owners are originally from Connecticut, but their East Coast Combo sandwich is truly a Philadelphia/South Jersey style hoagie and yes, it is awesome even if it is on French bread instead of Italian. And their meatball sandwiches, yep, they are awesome ...

May 29, 2015

's profile photo

I stopped here for a late lunch based on some of the other reviews and was very happy ( and full)! Tasty bread, yummy meat and fresh fixings!!

May 18, 2015
Jennak W.'s profile photo
Jennak W.

Absolutely the best sandwich shop in town (High St Deli is a close 2nd, though). Super friendly folks here, great sandwiches, great prices. Just always a joy to eat here! Might take a little longer to get a sando, but it's well worth the wait!

May 17, 2015
Christian H.'s profile photo
Christian H.

Walked in today and.....wait, WHAT is that goodness I smell? Holy cow that smells amazing....if they're making a meatball/sausage combo sub, you too will know what I'm talking about. (10min later...) wow, tastes even better than it smells, this place is just ridiculous-

May 13, 2015
Dakota I.'s profile photo
Dakota I.

Did a pickup order through the yelp app and unfortunately had a miscommunication with my order. So when I got home and saw the mistake I called them and they told me to come back in. I wolfed the turkey pesto because I couldn't wait, and got a whole ...

Apr 21, 2015
Michelle B.'s profile photo
Michelle B.

Best Italian deli in the north county. Great sandwiches, delicious bread, good products!

Apr 4, 2015
Wyatt R.'s profile photo
Wyatt R.

I've been a fan of this place since the day they opened and love how consistent they've remained. The owners and staff greet me with genuine appreciation for my business every time and even though I don't make it in all the time, they certainly make me ...

Feb 22, 2015
Shawna C.'s profile photo
Shawna C.

This is my first posted review; i had to write something about this place b/c the sandwiches were so awesome. I had a small roast beef w/half the meat and my bf had a hot pastrami. Both were phenomenal and the bread put them over the top. Stop ...

Feb 1, 2015
Brian J.'s profile photo
Brian J.

This Place is ridiculously awesome!  The fresh ingredients and the combination of flavors are way above par for your typical deli!  I've owned a Deli before and all I can say is that this Deli would have kicked my butt if it was anywhere near mine!  The service is ...

Jan 16, 2015
Eric P.'s profile photo
Eric P.

The Giant Grinder is one of our company's go-to places for Friday lunch. The sandwiches are delicious and packed (no skimping here).

Jan 16, 2015

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